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France Light Tanks I Renault FT. II FCM 36. II Renault R35. II D1. II Hotchkiss H35. III AMX 38. IV AMX 40. V AMX ELC bis. VI AMX 12 t. VII AMX 13 75. VII HMH AMX 13 57. VII F224 AMX Chaffee. VII AMX 13 57. VIII ELC EVEN 90. VIII Bat.-Châtillon 12 t. VIII HMH AMX Modèle 58. VIII Vanguard ELC EVEN 90. IX AMX 13 90. X AMX 13 105. Medium Tanks III D2. III Somua S35. IV SARL 42. V Renault G1. French Tech Tree. heavytank Heavy Tanks. Heavily armored and loaded with powerful guns, as a heavy tank you're a force to be reckoned with. III D2; IV B1; V BDR G1 B; VI ARL 44; VII AMX M4 mle. 45; VIII AMX 50 100; VIII AMX M4 mle. 49; IX AMX 50 120; X AMX 50 B; mediumtank Medium Tanks. Medium tanks are incredibly varied in their armor, speed, and firepower. Tailor your strategy to individual. This World of Tanks which French tank line is right for you guide will help guide you through the French tech tree. Each tank in the French tank line is broken down into a quick synopsis of the general characteristics of each tank. Also, how well the tank line as a whole performs and ease of grinding is covered World of Tanks Sandbox New Balance has brought big changes to seven of the eleven tech trees.The major changes will happen in the USSR, USA, Germany, France and the UK, but almost all nations will have vehicles relocated from their Tech Tree.In total, 92 vehicles will be relocated

It reinforces the French Tech Tree, adding three heavy tanks at Tiers VIII-X: the AMX 65 t, AMX M4 mle. 51, and AMX M4 mle. 54. These heavyweights have it in them to crush several stereotypes about the French with flair and style. These new tanks are researchable from the AMX M4 mle. 45, and have enough frontal armor to dodge a few TD shells N'attendez plus et jouez à ce jeu des chars de combat sur le site officiel de World of Tanks. Profitez pleinement de cette guerre des tanks et jouez à WoT en français France Tankopedia World of Tanks Blitz - learn more about new french tanks and artillery that you can find in WoT Blitz, free mobile military game for ios and android (eu) LOG OUT. This vehicle will be available soon. I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. AMX 50 Foch AMX 50 100 B1 ARL V39 Renault R35 AMX 50 120 AMX AC mle. 48 D2 AMX 50 Foch (155) AMX 13 90 S35 CA AMX 13 75 ARL 44 BDR G1 B.

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  1. In comaprison to the other tech trees, the French wheelies may be the new strongest lights in the game and the Brits the new worst ones but all in all, they don\'t really deviate from the rest as much as vocalized by loudest community members. WG actually doesn\'t seem to be that much off with mainly basing their decisions on their data sets rather than some questionably qualified player.
  2. World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare in the middle of the 20th century. Throw yourself into epic tank battles with other tankers all over the world. Your arsenal includes more than 400 armored vehicles from America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Soviet Union, China and.
  3. French Tech Tree Started by Sionius, 31 Jul 2014 France French Tech Tree: 1 reply 5,582 view; Doug_DeMuro; 31 Jul 2014 French tanks are cursed! Started by Search_Warrant, 05 Jul 2014: 7 reply 5,452 view; NorthPanzerMark; 31 Jul 2014 French TD's Tier I and II Started by WaySoSexy, 11 May 2014: 2 reply 4,396 view; DeathByDribbling; 25 Jul 2014 Poll Which is the worst u have used? Started by.
  4. Inflections of 'tree' (v): (⇒ conjugate) trees v 3rd person singular treeing v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, a singing bird, It is singing. treed v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, He saw the man. She laughed. treed v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used descriptively or to form verbs.

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WoT France. 484 J'aime. Suivez WoT France pour tout savoir de l'actualité de World of Tanks This is not the official look of the tech tree, but Next › Strv S1 Available on EU. 0 thoughts on 1.3: French Wheeled Tech Tree therealisnes says: November 13, 2018 at 7:34 pm Wasn't it said at the Tankers' Day that the wheeled line will start from Tier V? Loading... Reply. Bingo says: November 13, 2018 at 7:49 pm Yeah and the screenshot shows nothing else than placeholders. wot translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'wont',WO',wt',WTO', examples, definition, conjugatio

Forum. Important information. Forum - Foire Aux Questions Posted by Azkolek Règles du jeu World of Tank On this page you will find all French tank guides here on WoT Guru. Each tank guide breaks down a specific tank into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to use to excel in that tank. Most guides also have replays with commentary that provide additional insight into how each tank performs and specific tactics to use while playing World of Tanks. Tier 10 Tier 9 Tier.

Nation trees. USSR. Germany. Czechoslovakia. USA. France. China. Great Britain. Japan. Sweden. Italy. Maps. Equipment. Consumables. Achievements. Skills. X. Выберите регион, для авторизации. Select your region to log in. Russian region. North-american region. European region. Asia region. Korean region. Nation trees. I II III IV V VII VII VIII IX X AMX 13 AM 15 220. [January 31, 2018] Wot Nerf Tree WOT USA Tech Tree, WOT New Tech Tree, World of Tanks Tank Tree, WOT Console Tank Tree, WOT Blitz Russian Tech Tree, Tech Tree WOT Zwitserland, Machine Tech Tree in WOT, World of Tanks Game, Czech Tech Tree WOT, WOT Swedish Tech Tree, Russian Tank Tree WOT, World of Tanks French Tree, Without Trees, World of Airplanes WOT Tech Tree, WOT Us Tech Tree, WOT Tech. The first nation will be the French, getting a branch up to Tier X and are planned to be released early next year. Wheeled vehicles were first tested in 2016 during the 100 years celebrations when the first tanks were ever used during the Great War. A feature a lot of players have been asking for years but Wargaming said it many times before, they were worried how these vehicles would affect. French China Environment British Japan Poland Czechoslovakia Sweden Packages All Skins. Game Version Sort by Search. Filter By. All Skins All Skins Skins American German. France. La France est représentée par le cuirassé Dunkerke avec sa disposition unique de canons principaux, et le De Grasse, un croiseurs rapide pouvant rivaliser en vitesse avec les destroyers. prev next. Nations jouables. États-Unis Plus d\'infos. Cette nation est représentée par quatre types de navires. Les navires américains sont polyvalents. Ils excellent à repousser l\'aviation.

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It appeared in the big French tree as a lowtier SPG candidate, but for one reason or another, it never appeared in the game. Part of the reason might be Wargaming's reluctance to introduce more premium artillery vehicles, it might not have passed the tests or was simply forgotten. Either way, it didn't make it. There was one more French premium artillery vehicle candidate that never. r/WorldofTanks: World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming French Wheel Tech Tree Line The new Wheel Tech Tree Line will start out with the AMX ELC bis ,you will need 32,030 Xp to research the first wheeled Tank . It will take 740,630 Xp to research if you bypass all extra modules research from the AMX ELC bis . You must research the motors instead of the guns to the next tier. TECH TREE . AMD 178B Tier 6 . History . The Panhard AMD 178. Source - vk/wotleaks. Some pics from WoT about new french tanks coming with patch 9.7 and the new french tech tree: Alcune immagini direttamente dai devs di WoT relative ai nuovi carri francesi che verranno con la patch 9.7, inoltre l'immagine con il nuovo albero francese German tech tree revision, Changes to Japanese and American Tech Trees, Strongholds, Vehicle Balance Changes, Simplified Technical Characteristics Display, Vehicle Comparison, Detailed Received Damage Log, Platoon Spawn System, UI Improvements, Sounds, Minimaps. EU SD #0388 7.07 GB - - 2017-01-2

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International World of Tanks replay database with multi-language support. The ultimate site to store your most memorable battle recordings There will be no Taiwanese tech tree in WoT because the Chinese WoT branch will not allow it, and because WoT devs are not stupid, and besides they share Russian-Chinese point of view and not NATO point of view. To WoT devs, Kosovo is NATO-occupied Serbian territory, for example

quick rundown on SPG trees Started by crunchyblack, Apr 30 2020: 16 reply 748 view; wildcat18; May 02 2020 GWPanther commander skills Started by Perdikkas, May 01 2020: 3 reply 371 view; Vava_das_SPGs; May 01 2020 When will OP arty be nerfed Started by Thor_24, Sep 20 2019. 1; 2; Hot 38 reply 3,550 view; thehelmsman; Apr 23 2020 The Chieftain Teaches Artillery Started by Whistling_Death_, Mar. I was looking at WoT for the PC and as for FRENCH Tanks - posted in General Discussion: Go I see the only Tanks they Produced in any Real #s were their AMX 13 90s which are Tier 8 Light Tanks, some ARL 44s but the French didnt really have a Good Main Battle Tank until the AMX 30 or the Leclerc which still has yet to see any REAL Combat...doubt it ever will

Polish medium tech tree WIP Tier V: DS PZlnz1 Tier VI: B.U.G.I Tier VII: CS 44 Tier VIII (Premiun): CS 52 Tier VIII: CS 53 Tier IX: CS 59 Tier X: CS 63 New feature: Tier X CS 63 akan menggunakan gas turbine engine, semacan turbo boost macan french wheeled tank sebelum di-nerf. Dan ganti mode standard mode ke fast mode seperti swedih TD. ESL Anticheat WoT - liste des mods de triche. Marquage des objets détruits sur la minicarte - Aussi connu sous le nom de Fallen trees and destroyed objects on the minimap. Description: Les joueurs obtiennent des informations en temps réel sur les objets détruits sur la minimap, et ce, afin d'estimer où l'ennemi se situe. La mise en œuvre de cette triche inclut habituellement des. Dans le jeu massivement multijoueur d'action stratégique World of Tanks affrontez d'autres joueurs seul ou en équipe à l'aide d'engins blindés inspirés de la Seconde.. Overlord, this means that a t5 french light tank will need not even half the XP needed for t5 USA/USSR/Germany! Don't get me wrong, I love the t5 lights and have them all elited, but this also means that a t7 french light will need same amount of xp as the t5 lights from other trees. The server will be awash in french light tanks! Reply Delet wot.com is blocked here, that is what I meant to say.<br /><br />Damn, I need sleep :(Obst noreply@blogger.com tag: blogger.com,1999:blog-803236411311363895.post-6989059832959500195 2013-04-24T11:27:33.772+02:00 2013-04-24T11:27:33.772+02:00. I do remember this tree. It was epic and I wish they make it.<br />As far as I read about Frenchies, there was a project with a goal to uparmor the AMX.

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Kinda like the french one. SD-152. 15cm sFH 18 altered for use of Soviet 152mm ammunition, mounted on Hummel chasis. 12 such vehicles entered service in 1950. 30/20/20 mm-3°/+42° 23 t; 42 kph; 11.5 hp/t; Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radioman, Loader, Loader; 15cm ShH T 22. 15cm t.p. houfnice vz.18N; 39 mm; 680 HP; 152mm houfnice vz.18/47; 40 mm; 700 HP; Radiostanice Fu 7; 415 m; Radiostanice. Coques d'appareils de qualité sur le thème Wot, personnalisées par des artistes indépendants du mon..

French politicians, not having been greatly involved in them and leaving the matter to the military, were no less inquisitive. This sudden attention greatly alarmed Mourret, who promptly investigated the progress that had been made at FCM and was shocked to find there was none. On 30 September he personally took control of the project. On 12 October, knowing that the Renault company had some. Watch WoT PS4| czec tech tree grind. (3) - Kris Lalone on Dailymotio Where is the love for French premiums in the tech tree - posted in General Discussion: Why is there only 2 tech tree premiums in the French tree? The Chinese have 3 and theres only two lines to go down. The Japanese currently have one line, yet they have the same amount of tech tree premiums as the French. The Germans have 10 tech tree premiums, 10 Eekeeboo presents Wargaming's official presentation of the brand new Twitch Drops Rewards during June of 2020. The short video goes quickly through how to bind your Wargaming account with Twitch and how to get your free rewards during 27th of June This is unavoidable as WOT tech tree rules need a tank to be better than the previous one and ergonomics are not exactly cared about, meaning that most designs are over-performing their real counterparts. Although Porsche is best known for the Ferdinand and the Maus, he worked on a plethora of lesser known designs, although most of them never left the paper stage. Starting from 1943 and as the.

Climbing the ranks with French tanks - War Thunder Official Channel. Pages in category France ground vehicles The following 57 pages are in this category, out of 57 total. A. AMC.34 YR; AMC.35 (ACG.1) AMD.35; AML-90; AMR.35 ZT3; AMX M4; AMX-10RC; AMX-13; AMX-13 (FL11) AMX-13 (HOT) AMX-13 (SS.11) AMX-13 DCA 40; AMX-13-90; AMX-13-M24; AMX-30; AMX-30 (1972) AMX-30 ACRA; AMX-30 DCA; AMX-30 Super. 'Rule of Thumb' Tank Checklist for Strongholds Tier 8. A few rule of thumb to cover the basics for the Tier 8 Strongholds. In general Tier 8 consist of a two group split with 1 very heavy battalion supported by fast high burst damage vehicles The future of WoT trees So that's the medium branch then. The question is, will we ever see any other branch from the Czechoslovak tree? I think it's unlikely - and no, that's not a good thing for anyone and here's why. You probably noticed that the amount of vehicles appearing slowed down considerably over the course of last year and it wasn't only due to the entire work with HD models. WoT.

QUESTIONS : ⭕ 1- It took 5 years from the time when a tank with this number in its name passed the tests in a public test, until it was finally added to the tech tree. ⭕ 2-This number was very popular among Soviet tank destroyers. After deducting one, we get the number often used by the Germans. ⭕ 3-This is the number of British vehicles from the old tech tree used in the current. Watch WoT PS4| czec tech tree grind. - Kris Lalone on Dailymotio Well, finally, there will be new tanks of the French branch. We will discuss it more detail in the article below. Update 4.2 will be able to surprise players with a lot of innovations, the main one of which is the new French branch of light tanks from the main tanks led by Bat.-Châtillon 25 t. The first representatives of this branch are the Renault R35 and AMX 38. These are the new tanks of. France AMX 30 1er prototype AMX 30 B. Great Britain Churchill Gun Carrier Sherman Firefly. China 113. Having bought these tanks you will not lose a single tank from the game! The release of the WOT Balance 3.0 is scheduled for late spring 2020 (if everything is OK). But they won't even ask you, hello patch 9.18. Click images to enlarge World of Tanks XBOX Guide. Compare tanks, armor, and packages and in detail including equipment, consumables, weak spots and hit zone

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Today we will introduce you to the new French tanks that will appear in update 4.0. The new patch is rich in different innovations. We have already talked about improvements on the Ford map and a new regime - rating battles. Well, today we will introduce you to the new, French tank destroyer, they will already have 9 tanks in the game Tag: french tank tree FRENCH TANKS Are HERE | CHAR B1 Heavy Tank & MORE (War Thunder French Tanks 1.75) Popular Tags. A-43 arctic region bf 1 canaidan tank Flip Your Tank german tank ioEther Long Object 268 v4 panther tv sahmlockhart sheridan T-343 Wargaming war thunder artillery war thunder asu-85 gameplay war thunder british tank gameplay war thunder firefly sherman World of Tanks German.

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French Full Tech Tree French Release Tech Tree. Home Game Interface Game Currency Before Combat Combat Strategies Team Strategies Gun and Ammo Database WoT Performance Analyzer Tool Tank & Weakspots Analyzer Tech Tree WoT Renders WoT Wallpaper Achievements Crew Voices Game Music Game Map Glossary Panzer. Depending on the tier, French tanks have rather different traits and features. Early pre-World War II vehicles are slow but heavily armored. On the contrary, late-game post-WWII machines are fast but poorly protected. However, this all pales in comparison to the French's main feature—the autoloader: a mechanic that allows for rapidly shooting several shells one after the other for maximum. UK Key,Tier,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Light Tank,26 Medium Tank,35,Cruiser I,Cruiser II,Valentine,Archer,Achilles,Avenger,Charioteer,Conway MBT,14 Heavy Tank,21,Light Tank Mk. French WoT tech tree added. 30 March 2020. Brazilian War Thunder tech tree added. 26 March 2020. Israeli War Thunder tech tree by Laviduce and PikPikker added. 22 March 2020. Argentinian War Thunder tech tree by OsO73 added. South African WoT tech tree added. 21 March 2020. Dutch War Thunder tech tree by Super_cacti, Soldier676 and Capt_Versteegh added. 21 January 2020. South Korean War. World of Warships - téléchargez et jouez au jeu en ligne multijoueur figurant des bateaux, faites partie de la communauté WoWS E

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  1. France Tank Destroyer 8 50 15 0 10 0.38 0.23 10,700 Gold AMX Canon d'assaut 105. Click outside this image to close.
  2. WoT Medium AMX M4 mle. 49 new premium heavy tank tier VIII from French tech tree. Vanila client with Johny_Bafak's Vertical TechTree v0.942 and preview of ev..
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  4. Amx M4 54 Wot Tech Tree Of Tanks Replay Database. « Back to List « Go to the France Tech Tree. 3 580 000 . AMX M4 51. The Project 141 was a variant of the AMX M4 heavy tank with reinforced front armor. Development started in November 1949, but the vehicle was never built. AMX M4 mle. 52 TCB 120. AMX M4 54. 182 000. 127 mm/54 Model 1948. AMX.
  5. About the service: WoT Marks of Excellence / MOE WoT. World of Tanks is an exciting, dynamic game. One of the innovations are the marks of excellence / MOE WoT.. Since experience for battles is already taken into account by the system, the developers have added the possibility to take into account the high average damage on the tank with marks of excellence on the gun barrels

Личные боевые задачи | База знаний | База знаний для WoT для Android Авторизация ВХОД НА САЙ Category: WoT. World of Tanks - Micropatch 1.9.1_4. Posted on July 8, 2020 by jerryatrick53. This patch is being rolled out in the early morning of the July 9th. Server Downtimes For SEA: World of. Continue reading. WoT. Leave a comment. Supertest: Tier VIII US Premium med. Part III. Posted on July 4, 2020 by jerryatrick53. Some training room pics of the final textures. Continue reading. WoT.

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  1. Support cannot roll back, revert or refund any of the following actions: • Sold Basic Tech Tree Vehicles (these can be repurchased from the tech tree) • Actions dealing with Crew or Crew XP • Used Experience or Research • Converting Vehicle XP to Free XP • Garage Slots, Hangers or Ports bundled with Vehicle Bundles • Camouflage, Inscriptions, or Emblems bought with Gold, as these.
  2. [WoT] On German Tech Tree So, let's turn on creative and slightly crazy mood, French have the autoloader already. I did not think about the Brits....flamethrower maybe?(just kidding o.0 ) Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. SniperWolf90 September 4, 2012 at 3:18 AM. I like the idea, love it actually. Wish it was implemented. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. SniperWolf90 September 4, 2012 at 3:32 AM.
  3. WOT WIKI: Csata mechanizmusok - Láthatósági rendszer és felderítés 2013. augusztus 1. 09:11 Top of the Tree: French Mediums - Különleges ajánla
  4. g their real counterparts. After the recent general german tank rebalance made by WG which left some players rather disappointed, I think it's a good time to look at historical developments and how they could fit in.
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  6. g French ground forces tree as a premium vehicle for the intermediate ranks. Pre-order - M4A1 FL10. In this bundle: M4A1 FL10 tank (Rank 3 France); Premium account for 7 days; 1000 Golden Eagles; Pre-order bonus - MAS 38 SMG 3d decoration; Pre-order bonus - Desert Wolf title; French tanks closed beta access. 29.99; Purchase.
  7. g, featuring mid-20th century (1930s-1960s) era combat vehicles. It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of premium features.The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player.
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Expand Czechoslovakian tech tree in WoT. 0 have signed. Let's get to 500! Alex Tanker started this petition to Wargaming.net and 2 others. We want to make czechoslovakian tech tree in World of Tanks bigger with more lines, because every tech tree (except polish and italian, that are in WoT one year or less) had some updates. Japan had new super heavy line, Sweden is going to have new medium. Light Tanks are a type of tank in the game World of Tanks Blitz Wargaming Wiki: Most light tanks are fast, mobile scouts which are used to detect enemies for their team. However, some were designed for head-to-head combat during the early period of the war and so are slower yet are much better armored, like T-127, Pz. II, and Valentine II. Due to having generally high power/weight ratio and. French TDs are generally fast and brittle as their tier progresses up the tech tree. In the current meta, French TDs are extremely disregarded and looked down upon by many people because of their pathetic gun selection, gun handling, nonstrategic weak spot layout, and prone to crew deaths. French TDs have great terrain grip and was never known to slip down hills or drift. I will review them. Wot Blitz. 1,028 likes. World of Tank Blitz Private beta testing is now Over ! Go on the AppStore now XD if android wait longe photo source: Wikimedia Commons The Senator was one of the oldest and biggest bald cypress trees in the world with an estimated age of 3,500 years. Prior to its demise, The Senator was 36 m tall (118 ft) with a circumference of 10.7 m (35 ft) - the tree was originally 50 m (165 ft) tall, but the top was damaged by a hurricane in 1925

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  1. g.net. Support; Legal documents; Europe (English) Specify region. Your account is valid only within one region. СНГ. Русски
  2. 2017-2-3 - Swedish Tanks Special: Branch/Tree for WoT | For the Record. Stay safe and healthy. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. Check out our resources for adapting to these times. Dismiss Visit..
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  4. T o help you learn French, Reverso offers a comprehensive English-French dictionary featuring: a general dictionary of commonly used words and expressions; specialized terms especially useful for people carrying out professional translations from English to French, and French translations of thousands of English words and expressions added by our users
  5. You can update your stats whenever you want, just close your wot client and click take snapshot in the player's profile page. WN8 reference. This website calculate World of Tanks players WN8 rating, and assigns a different color according to the official WN8 specification at wnefficiency.net. IMPORTANT! Since November 2017, WoTstats.org will use the Expected Tanks Values from the XVM website.
  6. WOT Länkar. News Overlord Blog Basic Tactics Tankopedia Community Wiki. Tech Tree. Kommande Tech Tree - Någon Gång Inom Snar Framtid American Tech Tree French Tech Tree Chinese Tech Tree. German Tech Tree. Nuvarande Tech Tree. Soviet Tech Tree 13-11-2012 French Tech Tree 2011-04-12 (Outdated) German Tech Tree 2011-04-12 (Outdated) American Tech Tree 13-11-2012 British Tech Tree 13-11-2012.
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Czołgi Amerykańskie • WOT - Skins • pliki użytkownika World.Of.Tanks przechowywane w serwisie Chomikuj.p A na wot jsi již také dostal BAN co? Právě kvůli takovým lamám a podvodníkum jako jsi ty byl zaveden nový systém jak se ti líbí těšíš se na pernamentní banaán Reply. niggrrr. February 15, 2018 at 1:13 pm. braško ako ak si si nevšimol tak tento modpack je zadarmo -_- a zadruhe odstraňuju mody ktore WG označi ako cheat mitja. January 24, 2017 at 8:22 am. 1 eng f. A Swedish Ground forces Tech tree Welcome. Im sp15 an amature historian, for the past year or so I have been looking at the possibility of creating a Swedish Ground forces tree for War thunder. Gaijin actually made an official statement on the viability of such a tree in War Thunder: The Shooting..

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Tech Tree: WoT Renders: WoT Wallpapers: Achievements: Crew Voices: Game Music: Game Map: Glossary: Panzer Ranks: System Requirements: About This Website: Contact Us: Other Sites: Mailing List : Signup for our free newsletter to receive news on World of Tanks updates and strategy guide. First Name: Email: Home » Gun and Ammo Database: Gun and Ammunition Database. Gun and Ammunition Chart. Here. WOT Forum; Official Console Site; Disclaimer; Tank Profiler & Comparison. Compare up to 3 tanks including their packages and weak spots. Values displayed below are using 100% trained crews. The higher the package number the better the package. Color formatting as follows for comparing tank values: Green - Value is highest when compared with other listed tanks; Yellow - Value is second highest.

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Acheter Pops Vaulted En Promotion! Produits sur Pop In A Box FR - livraison gratuite disponible. Retrouvez toutes les figurines de collection Pop! vinyl sur la section Funko Pop In A Box French (Release) Russian; My Tech Trees. My American; My German ; My French; My Russian; World of Tanks Links. Dossier Tool; World of Tanks. My WoT Profile; World of Tanks Wiki; WoT Facebook Page; Other. Fansite Kit; WoT Skins; Gamespy Rookies Guide; Overlord's Blog; Login; RSS Subscribe: RSS feed. UMP's WoT Fansite. World of Tanks fansite by Ursa Major Prime. Browsing All Posts filed under. Nouveau Chantier naval, nouveaux critères pour les missions de combat, Armurerie retravaillée, modification des améliorations uniques, et autres améliorations

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  1. wot - English-French Dictionary WordReference
  2. World of Tanks - Fan tech tree: Switzerland - The Armored
  3. World of Tanks - Global wiki
World Of Tanks: Germany Tech TreeIntroduction | French tanks - World of Tanks Game GuideWorld of Tanks 1WoT 9
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