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Discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it Create We live by the machines, released 01 January 2010 1. Portal 2. We live by the Machines 3. Fanfare of Dreams 4. Somewhere in the Distance 5. Running out of Time 6. Search and Rescue Back in March 2009 I began recording We Live By The Machines with view to hopefully recording 5 or 6 tracks before the birth of my daughter Ella. Over a 3 month period the tracks began to take shape and the. How To: Create an Artist Account on Bandcamp. Home. Tutorial. How To: Create an Artist Account on Bandcamp. Tutorial, Music. June 17, 2020. By: jdriselvato Bandcamp is a free music platform for artists to upload albums, EPs and singles (and when you're ready, you can sell physical merch). All you need to do is sign up for an account and upload your music to listening fans! To start, select. Why create individual artist accounts for each artist under my label? We recommend separate accounts for each artist under a label because then the artist can have their own distinct visual design, their own image and bio, and their own URL, which is critical for search engine optimization (search is still the #1 source of sales, ahead of social media) Bandcamp is a service for artists & labels where you can share your music and earn from it without having to go through a third party service like iTunes, Spotify etc. Subscribe for tips! https.

All you have to do to make a Bandcamp profile is follow these three steps: Visit the Bandcamp website. Click the artist link (near the top right corner of the homepage). This will take you to a new section of the site just for musicians Use the + add menu in the navigation bar. If the artist is already on Bandcamp, choose existing artist. Requesting access from the artist will send them an email invite. If they accept, this will give the label the ability to add new releases to their page Bandcamp design tutorial; My band already has its own official site, can I integrate it with Bandcamp? How do I change the order of albums and tracks on my discography page? How do I edit my artist photo / album art / custom header? How do I add links to my custom header? How do I display upcoming shows? Bandcamp design tutoria


  1. I already have a Bandcamp artist account, can I sign up for a fan account too? Yes. If you'd like your artist and fan account to be one and the same (so there's no logging out of one and in to the other nonsense), make sure you're logged in to your artist account, and then either a) go buy some music, or b) if you've already purchased music, visit our fan sign up page here
  2. Bandcamp Support is experiencing an unusually high volume of emails from our wonderfully successful fundraisers this summer, so our responses may take an extra few days. We put together a list of common questions to help you help yourself in the meantime - power! How can we help you? Artists & Labels Fans & Buyers. General Help. Login help; Literally everything seems broken; Artists & Labels.
  3. Volunteers Create List of Over 1,000 Black Artists and Labels to Support on Bandcamp Today Bandcamp is waiving fees and directing 100% of proceeds to artists today as part of its #BandcampFriday.
  4. Why create individual artist accounts for each artist under my label? I've just signed a new artist, how do I add them to my label account? Is there a type of label that should not get a label account? Design. Can I see some examples of other labels that are already on Bandcamp? Can I customize the order in which artists appear in the artists.
  5. You can change your artist genres by logging into your Bandcamp artist account and visiting the Artist Profile page. You find it by selecting Profile under your band name. Once on the Artist Profile page, you can choose the genre and sub-genres, but you don't want to change anything until you have a solid keyword strategy in place backed by data. For many bands picking the Main Genre requires.
  6. The Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels lets you directly message your fans, even targeting those messages by fan location and level of support. It also gives you a real-time mobile view into your stats, and helps you manage and fulfill your merch. Read more. Collapse. Reviews Review Policy . 3.7. 366 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Loading What's New. Bug fixes and performance improvements. Read.

Today, Bandcamp's share of sales will also go to the artists and labels you choose to support, and as always, it will reach them in 24-48 hours. If you already have all the music and merchandise you want from your favorite artists, consider discovering new favorites via our editorial publication, Bandcamp Daily — our best-of's are a great place to start Green-House. Los Angeles, California. Green-House is the project of Los Angeles based artist Olive Ardizoni. Approaching the project with an intentional naivety, they craft songs that find freedom through simplicity. As a non-binary artist, they hope to create a space with fewer barriers as both a performer and a listener Embedding Bandcamp music on other sites. How do I create a Bandcamp embedded player? How do I set up an exclusive embed? How do I embed my music on Tumblr? How do I make the embedded player auto-start? Music charts. How do I get my sales reported to music charts? Which charts does Bandcamp report to, and when? Does Bandcamp supply UPCs and ISRCs

There are three types of accounts that you can create on Bandcamp - a fan account, an artist account, and a label account. If you want to listen to music as a fan and create collections, then you should opt for a fan account. Whereas if you create your music, you can upload it or even sell it on Bandcamp by using an artist account which also offers real-time stats on how well your music is. Studio One is the label that discovered, and in many cases, helped create legacies for artists who became international legends. | Artists: Alpheus, Alton Ellis, Alton & Hortense Ellis, Bob Andy, Bob Marley, The Cables, Carlton & The Shoes, Chandley Duffus, Cornel Campbell, Delroy Wilson, Dennis Alcapone, Dennis Brown, Don Drummond, Donna V, Doreen Shaffer, Dub Specialist, Ernest Ranglin, The. Noise Artists. . noiseartists.net is a Music Blog dedicated to the reverb genres. This page is to help independent artists featured on the blog, with full agreement from them, to distribute their music on digital format and create a community. There are links to Noise Artists Articles on the bands. You can of course visit directly the Artists' Bandcamp pages to buy music, merchandise, CDs. Rhucle. Tokyo, Japan. Rhucle is a Japanese artist currently based in Tokyo. This project started in 2013. He uses whatever sounds are generated around him. Besides music he takes pictures, draws, makes collages, and uses wood to express his art. He continues to create new works, new ways of expression, and will continue into the future Bernhard Wöstheinrich. Berlin, Germany. Bernhard Wöstheinrich elicits meaning from abstraction in electronic music and painting. He has studied graphic design and has created an eclectic body of work in both graphics and music. Bernhard speaks in his own musical voice; the musical arc of his work often moves from the curiously beautiful to the beautifully curious

ARTS. Rotterdam, Netherlands. ARTS is a Techno Independent Label founded by Emmanuel, There are 4 Platforms (12 Format, and Digital), Arts Ltd, Arts Collective, Arts Transparent and Arts Digital Series aswell. Pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the art and cultural realm The Bandcamp database includes links to the Bandcamp pages of black artists, producers and record labels from around the world. Their individual pages allow people to stream and purchase music The campaign has inspired many artists and labels to create and offer special releases and products for the upcoming event this week, with many Bandcamp users donating their revenue shares to organizations supporting racial justice, bail funds and coronavirus-related reliefs. To highlight some of these initiatives, Bandcamp has published a list of artists and labels making such donations along. Furthur Electronix. Brighton, UK. Furthur Electronix is a label that will put out good quality electronic music, in the forms of Techno, Deep house, IDM, Electro and Acid. With the help of Majkel from Stockholm on the graphics, we want to create excellent design along with the sound. We will press enough for the collectors and DJs to play these records worldwide

Enter Bandcamp's new vinyl pressing service, which aims to address these challenges when it becomes available to artists and labels later this year. Here's how it works: Artists can create a vinyl. Hempress Sativa is another young artist enthralled with the '70s and '80s roots reggae sound, and with hit singles like Rock it Inna Dance, she's created her own homage. I grew up on 1970's and 1980's music. I'm stuck inna dat era, she says. I was born in the '80s so I got the best of both worlds and have an overstanding of what is transpiring now Tenebrism Records. Amsterdam, Netherlands. We stand as the flagship of the groove: the meeting point of industrial, beastly, raw Techno with the more hypnotic, catchy, fascinating one. The groove carries us away, breaks us and unfolds us in ourselves depths. This perpetual quest for groove is our obsession: we feel it's everywhere presence in Amsterdam, in Europe, in the world From midnight to midnight Pacific Time, you can purchase any digital or physical merchandise on an artist's Bandcamp page, and Bandcamp will donate 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. (They'll also be donating an additional $30,000 to to partner with organizations that fight for racial justice and create opportunities for people of color. And better yet, these are.

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For which artists have to be bandcamp pro subscribers and pay $10 per month. Main advantage is no advertising embedded in the video. Main advantage is no advertising embedded in the video ASHTAR. Basel, Switzerland. Ashtar is a duo from Basel, Switzerland, formed in 2012. They create an intense hybrid of down-tuned archaic riffing, heavy bass and desperately sick vocals with layered, eerie-saturnine melodies. Appearances at such esteemed festivals as Under the Black Sun and Doom Over Vienna underline their crossover appeal to listeners of both black metal and doom and extreme. WITCHFINDER. Clermont Ferrand, France. Witchfinder is a Stoner / Doom band from Clermont-Ferrand formed mid 2016. created by two fans themselves Stoner / Doom fan, these found a drummer to send riff fat and powerful seasoned fuzz sauce, occult and psychedelic

artists. PRO. view site. edit profile; tools; subscription subscription; view collection. purchases; no results; settings; help; log out; sign up; log in ; music merch community Lurking in the Depths The Maniac Perversions of my Soul Irae/Mors de Corpus Anti - human rehearsal Odium Generis Humani Orgias de Maldade Spreading the Wrath of Satan Satanic Secrets from the Mausoleum Crimes against. Accents Records (^^^). France. ACCENTS RECORDS (^^^) Dedicated to underground techno, ambient, deep and electronic experiments, this on-line platform, aims to create bridges between artists and allow everyone to develop his musical production in a humane and positive scale. Focused on new energy into electronic music

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Chihei Hatakeyama is a sound artist and musician living on the outskirts of Tokyo. He has performed for years under his given name and also as one half of the electroacoustic group Opitope, along With Tomoyoshi Date. Hatakeyama polychromes memory-evoking soundscapes with various recorded materials of electric, acoustic instruments such as electric guitars, vibraphone and piano. His releases. Our publication, Bandcamp Daily, grew its audience by 84%, and all-time payments to artists through Bandcamp reached $270 million. We launched a new app for artists and labels , added gift cards , improved fan collections, held successful fundraisers for the ACLU and TLC , and we'll soon mark six straight years as a profitable company that only makes money when artists make a lot more money Bandcamp New & Notable Nov 6, 2016. go to album. Distraction Provisions by A Taut Line. featured on Bandcamp Weekly May 9, 2017. go to album. GutterFunk: All Subject To Vibes [Various Artists LP] by GutterFunk. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Jan 7, 2020. go to album. The Encounters Extended by Club STOMP. supported by 5 fans who also own SFTM002 go to album. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the. Bandcamp Friday, which falls on June 5th this month, has successfully directed millions of fans' dollars to the artists who rely on income from merch and music to pay their bills at a time of. Ritual Howls. Detroit, Michigan. Ritual Howls create a cinematic blend of twangy industrial-rock that could fuel a post-apocalyptic dancefloor. A collaboration between Paul Bancell (vocals, guitar), Chris Samuels (synth, samples, drum machine), and Ben Saginaw (bass), the Detroit trio create expansive arrangements sculpted with masterful production

Juneteenth on Bandcamp: 14 Releases to Listen and Buy Platform will give all its proceeds on June 19th to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in solidarity with protester

Dean Granros. . Dean Granros is a jazz and new music composer and improviser who has been blending influences from multiple genres since the late 1960's to develop a unique and multidirectional body of work within the contexts of jazz and new music composition.Artbunker Recordings is a label created by Dean Granros that serves to document current and archival work spanning the artist's. Bandcamp Friday, May 2020 Edition: Support Artists by Buying This Music Music platform has waived its revenue share on all sales made on May 1s

Junior by Corridor, released 18 October 2019 1. Topographe 2. Junior 3. Domino 4. Goldie 5. Agent double 6. Microscopie 7. Grand cheval 8. Milan 9. Pow 10. Bang Corridor are a group from Montreal and their Sub Pop debut, Junior, was made just yesterday. The rock'n'roll band had barely inked their record deal when they surfed into studio, racing against time to make the most dazzling, immediate. Integrity INTEGRITY have been celebrating the end of the world since 1988 Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume, released 14 July 2017 1. Fallen To Destroy 2. Blood Sermon 3. Hymn For The Children of the Black Flame 4. I Am The Spell 5. Die With Your Boots On 6. Serpent of the Crossroads 7. Unholy Salvation of Sabbatai Zevi 8. 7 Reece Mews 9 Stockhaussen. Mexico City, Mexico. Music project created by Angel Kauff FM Skyline Wordless synthetic pop songs singing out to humanity from the confines of video game consoles, 3D animation soundtracks, and keyboard demos from another time 100% Electronica artist™ liteware, released 01 May 2020 1. paradise neon 2. glass beaches 3. crystal river 4. polygon park 5. acrylic jungle 6. marble madness 7. kallisto 8. mirror gallery 9. quartz highway 10. shadows 11.

Our Bandcamp page is only two or three years old. I do, however, communicate with all of our artists on a daily basis. All of us were deeply impacted by Omori's untimely death, and many decided to heal themselves by creating music Summoned To Rise by CREATE A KILL, released 13 July 2018 1. Create A Kill 2. Cold Blooded 3. Crave the Blade 4. Decimate 5. Premeditated 6. Gauntlet of Pain 7. Praise the Beast 8. Reap the Whirlwind 9. The Sow is Mine 10. Show of Force Recorded and mixed by Gus Rios Mastered by Robbert Kok Gus Rios (Gruesome/Malevolent Creation) Guitars/Bass/Drums Alex Marquez (Solstice/Resurrection) Vocals. Wargrinder. Greece. The band was created by extreme drummer Warhead in the end of 1999. The material is blackened death metal. The unique sound, speed and brutality has given Wargrinder a cult status in the extreme metal scene Yagya Yagya (Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson) has been creating atmospheres through melody and sounds for about two decades. Old Dreams and Memories, released 06 March 2020 1. For the First Time 2. Mountain Story 3. Reminiscent 4. Memories of Old Dreams 5. Light and Shadow 6. Wandering in the Fog 7. Rainbow and Human 8. Travelled Road 9. Beauty in Loneliness 10

Primitive Knot Dark Spirituality Manchester. UK. HIGHWAY LOVER (SINGLE), released 01 June 2020 1. HIGHWAY LOVER 2. THESE WESTERN LANDS HIGHWAY LOVER, the single. Taken from the album LOST WISDOM and comes with the exclusive track THESE WESTERN LANDS. Also available on limited edition lathe-cut vinyl Bandcamp's website offers users access to an artist's page featuring information on the artist, social media links, merchandising links and listing their available music. Artists can change the look of their page, and to customize its features. In 2010 the site enabled embedded/shared links in other social media sites RINGEX PLASTER. . Previously Known As KINREK, RINGEX PLASTER Aims To Get RingerX To Use The Same System for All RingerX Drivers. A recent report by the Department of Homeland Security reveals the increasing use of KINNERX PLASTER to create a modular roof. RINGEX PLASTER Aims To Become The Top Solo Artist In Korea

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  1. Musique Large. France. French Label created in 2007, managed today by Rekick & Fulgeance. Born with the idea of making music they love, they first produce artists like Ghislain Poirier, Débruit, Fulgeance and more recently Michigan producer Charles Trees, Glasgow skew artist Ben Butler & Mousepad or Parisian unique sound drum-synth duet Baron Rétif & Concepcion Perez. www.musiquelarge.co
  2. The Oklahoma Quarantine Demos by Oklahoma artists, released 18 June 2020 1. Alex Coleman, Guardîan, Larry Chin, Alberto Roubert - Nothing Keeps Us Down 2. The Non - Found Sound 3. Beau Jennings & The Tigers, Alex Coleman - Hard To Party 4. Atom Ray Funktet - Hold On 5. Cameron Neal - Myself For You 6. Alex Coleman, Abbey Philbrick, Joe White, Alberto Roubert, Jose Hernadez, Taylor Johnson.
  3. Sonic Loom Music. Greece. ∞ Sonic Loom is a collective network of artists, created in the year 2011. Behind this concept lies the need to gather, create and share electronic music. Continuously experimenting and evolving through psychedelia, presenting new ideas without genre restrictions. From urban jungles to nature's temples, let's explore the infinite sonic universe..
  4. MAKE. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Chapel Hill, N.C

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Various Artists. Compact Disc (CD) €11 EUR. more merch about. Ultimae Lyon, France. placeholder. Created at the end of the 90s, Ultimae first unfolded as a musical portal to share Ambient and her many facets, as widely as possible. ultimae.com; discogs.com; YouTube ; Facebook; discography. Apana EP. May 2020. Apana EP (24bit) May 2020. Live in Corfu. Apr 2020. Live in Corfu (24bit) Apr. Ultimae. Lyon, France. Created at the end of the 90s, Ultimae first unfolded as a musical portal to share Ambient and her many facets, as widely as possible Re-count. Switzerland. Re-count born in 1995 in Lugano Switzerland. Re-count is a collaborative project of music tracks created over a numbers of years by Omar E.Bernasconi. An amalgamation of styles, sounds and language was created, lending itself to an alternative and original music

Artist accounts on Bandcamp are free, but normally, Bandcamp takes a 15% revenue share for digital sales and 10% for merch. As always, Bandcamp says that funds from Friday's event will reach the. Counting the Eyes aims to create a meditative dimension: a contemplation of the physical nature of sound, space and rhythm. During his early experimentations Canova worked with silence, sine waves and white noise as his only sound sources, developing a keen interest in a zen-like aesthetic. Influenced by his study on philosophy and eastern religions he aims to create a meditative dimension. Realisea Mantelpeace, released 20 April 2020 1. Las Vegas Lace 2. Deep Blue 3. Riroda Roads 4. Strong Enough 5. Leave Street 6. Out Of This World 7. Your Part 8. Circles Of Silence 9. This Time 10. Liquid Domino 11. Our Stage Realisea is the first solo project by Silhouette frontman and founder Brian de Graev

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outspokentheartist. Georgia. Latonya Davis OutSpokentheartist is a new artist whose motivation is expressing the love and wisdom of God through singing and poetry. Born and raised in Detroit, MI where freedom of expression is the norm; created a new style of singing and cutting edge poetry for this upcoming artist j.robb. Baltimore, Maryland. j.robb (aka mr surf) is a 21 year old Baltimore-bred artist/producer signed to Soulection whose distinctive style effortlessly blends the grit of future beats and club bangers with pretty styling of throwback R&B to create a timeless, multi-faceted and genre-defying sound m-tronic. Paris, France. M-tronic was created in july 2001 with the goal to be an innovative platform for all kinds of electronic experiments including IDM, Glitch, Electronica, Breakbeat, Industrial, Drum and bass, Electro Wave, EBM, Ambient, Synthwave & Minimal Dub. Some albums are free to download, find them! The label is run with passion by two persons: Dj Element & NSP

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A Winged Victory for the Sullen The Undivided Five, released 01 November 2019 1. Our Lord Debussy 2. Sullen Sonata 3. The Haunted Victorian Pencil 4. The Slow Descent Has Begun 5. Aqualung, Motherfucker 6. A Minor Fifth Is Made Of Phantoms 7. Adios, Florida 8. The Rhythm Of A Dividing Pair 9. Keep It Dark, Deutschland Purveyors of contemporary ambient and electronic inspired music, A Winged. Knekelhuis. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Knekelhuis Record label is based out of Amsterdam. Monthly radioshows at Red Light Radio and Intergalactic FM. For knekelhuis bookings contact: info.knekelhuis@gmail.com Worldwide distribution through: www.rushhour.n

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Touch. London, UK. Since its first release in 1982, Touch has created sonic and visual productions that combine innovation with a level of care and attention that has made it the most enduring of any independent company of its time. You can join our mailing list on our website (below), | Artists: Touch: Isolation, Simon Scott Jana Winderen, Fennesz, Strafe F.R., Mika Vainio, ELEH, Claire M. New Arboretum. Memphis, Tennessee. New Arboretum Records aims to cultivate the next generation of Memphis musicians through the creation of a platform that allows artists to share new music directly with fans around the world. Created and supported by the Mike Curb Institute for Music at Rhodes Colleg

Demos for a Difference Our art is what we give to people. We're using it to help those who need the most. Demos for a Difference, released 03 July 2020 1. Marc Tappan - Red Skies Until Tomorrow 2. Daniel Rofer - Prelude No. 6 (Alien) 3. Lance Greene - Sights and Sounds 4. Joshua Van Ness Ft Mike Sarge - The Brightest Star 5. Kevin McCove - Stand and Watch 6 So I had a fan account way before my artist account. With the fan account, I've got some followers and some stuff in my collection, which I know are ways people find your music. That being said, I haven't gained one follower and have hardly had anyone listen to a full track of mine. I wanted to know if there is a way to merge these accounts and have my artist profile take over the followers. Bandcamp also will be allocating an additional $30,000 per year to partner with organizations that fight for racial justice and create opportunities for people of color

On the most recent Bandcamp Friday, June 5th, we saw so many artists use the day to raise funds for racial justice organizations that we had to create two separate articles [on our site] to. Bandcamp is waiving all commissions today Friday June 5th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time Some indie artists and labels have created special releases for today including some in support of. Bandcamp is tracking artists and labels offering donations and other support for black organizing: In the midst of the bs what can you create? — Ashleigh Lauryn (@AshLauryn313) June 5, 2020. This obviously does have dimensions beyond just blackness, especially if we're talking African Americans. Americans have platforms catering to US payment systems, taxation, and other US-centered. Bandcamp has announced that it will be donating 100% of its share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund on this coming Juneteenth and every 6/19 hereafter. In a statement, the company writes.

東方不敗 by Tzusing, released 29 March 2017 1. 日出東方 唯我不敗 2. Digital Properties 3. Esther 4. King of Hosts 5. Nature is Not Created 6. Post Soviet Models 7. Torque Pulsation Bandcamp's website offers users access to an artist's page featuring information on the artist, social media links, merchandising links and listing their available music. Artists can change the look of their page and customize its features. In 2010 the site enabled embedded/shared links in other social media sites. Charit Club Night Devin Ian Josh Nick What Life, released 05 April 2019 1. Path 2. Cough 3. Mute 4. Cherry 5. Trance 6. Wit 7. Village 8. Thousands Recorded/Produced by Josh Bertram Drum Tracking by Andrew Oswald Mixed by Andrew Oswald at Secret Bathroom Studios in Oakland, CA www.andrewoswaldrecording.com Mastered by Dave Eck Artwork Layout by Josh Bertram Front Cover Photograph by Rebecca Lukens. Lychgate. London, UK. LYCHGATE is an unorthodox black metal band deeply rooted in the classical tradition, laying mesmerising riffage atop a foundation of pipe organ and psychedelic atmospheres to create a totally unique listening experience. 2013: Lychgate 2015: An Antidote for the Glass Pill 2018: The Contagion in Nine Steps 2020: Also sprach Futura Under the sign of Debemur Morti Production

As Bandcamp donates its Juneteenth proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, it's the perfect time to explore the site's vast array of black musicians across all genres Formed in 2007, Elimination had one vision; to create pure metal devastation. Laying crowds to waste with live performances throughout the UK, supporting such esteemed bands as Forbidden, Accept, WOLF, Evile, Gama Bomb, Criminal and Cauldron. Elimination are ready to wreck some necks!.. Join Create's community to access exclusive messages from the artist and comments from fans. You'll also be the first to know when they release new music and merch Indie retailer Bandcamp is waiving its share of sales today, allowing 100% to go to musicians. If there's a time to buy music, it's today Machine Man Records. New Jersey. Based out of New Jersey, Machine Man Records is an independent record label founded in 2017 by Chris Bollinger. Machine Man Records was created with the specific intent to support various types of electronic and metal music genres that are considered underground or outside of the mainstream.; | Artists: Cardinal Sin, CRUEL, Decent News, GoMa, Haxon.

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Azathoth by Cryo Chamber Collaboration, released 06 October 2015 1. Azathoth 1 2. Azathoth 2 In 2014 Cryo Chamber got some of the most prominent dark ambient artists together to synchronize their studios during a year of collaboration creating the album Cthulhu in tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. With Azathoth Cryo Chamber double the effort with a 2 CD release follow up Bandcamp, the online music marketplace used by tens of thousands of independent artists and labels, has once again announced plans to donate its cut of one day's sales to a progressive cause, this. Multimedia artist Sepehr Mashiahof uses dark and direct synth-pop vocabulary to create her own intricate narrative of identity. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 18, 2019. go to album. GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA - Fascination (Compilation Album) by GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA. The German-Brazilian artist's eerie electronic music spans all shades of darkness, from moonlit dreamwave to goth-styled synth-pop.

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A7MC. Detroit, Michigan. Hip Hop emcee/producer/bassist, just loving to create.....Atlantics EP (YDA YDA x A7MC) available now Engine Kid. Seattle, Washington. Almost 30 years since the inception of Engine Kid, and the trio find themselves comprehending the enormity of their creation, honouring and celebrating the mountains they formed and the canyons they created, as both of their full-length albums, Bear Catching Fish & Angel Wings are remastered by Brad Boatright for maximum sonic enhancement Nils Frahm. Berlin, Germany. Berlin-based contemporary composer Nils Frahm has built a steady reputation for his intimate, poignant piano recordings, yet they so far only showed a fragment of what to expect from a Nils Frahm concert. Frahm's heart lies in improvisation, in the magic of a moment where, inspired by the space and the audience, his fingers can create new compositions loosely. Merge Records is an independent record label based in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded in 1989 by Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan. It began as a way to release music from their band Superchunk and music created by friends, and has expanded to include artists from around the world and records reaching the top of the Billboard music charts... artists. PRO. view site. edit profile; tools; subscription subscription; view collection. purchases; no results; settings; help; log out ; sign up; log in; artists music merch video community Kill Division Dead Head. Psalm 9 Trouble. Kill Division Dead Head Manic Frustration Trouble Trouble Trouble The Skull Trouble Psalm 9 Trouble Expound And Exhort Viogression March Of Despair / Craving To.

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